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UNITE Magazine is a bi-monthly LGBT lifestyle publication designed to do what its name implies, UNITE the LGBT community in Tennessee. Unlike other Tennessee- based LGBT publications, UNITE will focus of business, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, dining and health, as it relates to the affluent and professional LGBT community in Tennessee.

Initially, UNITE will be published and distributed in Nashville, but plans to expand distribution into other major cities in Tennessee including Knoxville, Memphis and Chattanooga in late 2013.


UNITE Magazine is about changing the status quo. It’s about offering the best of both worlds by providing our audience with both engaging content and stimulating entertainment.

It’s a platform that highlights the LGBT community (and our allies) in a way that truly grabs attention. UNITE is fresh, edgy, ambitious and, most of all, a publication unlike anything you’ve seen before.

UNITE Magazine proudly serves Nashville and will soon expand to other markets in Tennessee. Our magazine is a hybrid of both entertaining and informative content for the educated reader, and one who is also interested in nightlife, culture, music, art, fashion, travel, health and more.

We are pleased that you are considering advertising with UNITE Magazine. We take pride in the fact that we both serve and live in the areas that we cover. By publishing monthly, local businesses can brand themselves to our community with ease.

Through devotion to both our print and online endeavors — as well as our commitment to excellence, quality and value — we offer our readers, advertisers and the overall LGBT community a great place to be seen, heard, informed, entertained, promoted and connected.

Brady Mills LLC

As a self-described risk taker and one who likes to push the boundaries, Brady Mills is the consummate marketing and web professional for companies looking to increase sales and brand awareness through web and direct marketing. After several years in a corporate atmosphere, Brady began to identify areas of weakness in the corporate infrastructure that often hindered the progress of effective sales and marketing. “Some of these companies had the propensity to do so much better, but the teams were so often disconnected that really great ideas never came to fruition. They all suffered from a lack of center, a point that could provide a blueprint of clear, actionable steps to success.”

So, in 2006 Brady took a leap of faith and set off on a journey to create an interactive marketing and development company to help businesses assess their current web marketing process, provide strategic direction, and develop and deploy successful marketing campaigns and tools. Since starting Brady Mills LLC, Brady has provided email marketing development, design and deployment services, website design and online marketing for companies like Bank of New York, Pershing Advisor Solutions, Bank of Montreal, Harris Direct,, GAIN Capital and Allstate. “I like to think that our services help create the missing link that helps promote synergy between all the working parts of the company, bringing out the best in everyone and increasing ROI. Our team delivers with clear goals and a solid plan, and we have the resources and expertise to provide as little or as much hands on development as needed."

In his off-time, the semi-eccentric East Nashvillian enjoys cooking fresh vegetables from his garden and spending time with his partner and their three dogs. “I believe we all should be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor, don't you?”

Brady is a certified LGBTBE through the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce

The NLGBTCC is the premier advocate of the Greater Nashville Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender business community, representing over 100 businesses in Nashville and the surrounding area. The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce advances common business interests, economic growth, and equality in the workplace and society for its LGBT members, businesses, and allies by providing educational, networking, and community building opportunities.